About me
I'm a Product Designer, hailing from Vancouver, BC. Over the past 10 years I've been a part of small development and marketing teams, where I was responsible for interaction, website, graphic, and motion design.
Professional background
My background is in Communication Design (BDes), but I've always had a strong interest in interaction design and behaviour of user-centric systems. 
While working on websites I realized that the challenges of navigation and usability attracted me the most in online experiences. Eventually, I got into enterprise UX. I'm proud to have been a part of closely collaborative development, product and marketing teams, even participating in a couple enterprise SaaS product launches while at Collabware. Some of it is on Behance.

Aiming for a Better UX
I took BrainStation’s UX Diploma Bootcamp to improve my ability to empathize through interviews and usability testing and solve challenging problems, going from ideation to prototype in a rapid-pace environment.   
I’m looking forward to applying everything I’ve learned to enable current and future products and services to reach new levels of design maturity.
Random factoids
I’m originally from Russia but I hate snow, unless it’s under my snowboard! 🏂
My family immigrated to Canada in 2000, and I spent the first few years in Calgary, later moving to Vancouver to pursue design studies and a milder climate. West coast rules! 🌊
I like live music, especially if it’s loud and fast. The first time I crowd-surfed was at Avatar, a little while before the pandemic 🤘 
Let's connect!
Always happy to talk design, life and everything. Message me on LinkedIn or drop me a line 👉  hello@arttitov.com.
Thank you! I'll follow up ASAP.